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Sep 26
Develop a New Type of Water Stop Structure Specialized for the near Sea Tunnel

In summary, the traditional water stop has been unable to meet the specific requirements of tunnels. It is necessary to develop a new type of water stop structure specialized for the near sea tunnel.

Sep 26
Analysis on Isolation Layer Construction Technology of Columns’ Top Isolation Complex Building

The construction quality of isolation layer is the key point and difficulty of the quality control of seismic isolation building.

Sep 26
Analysis on Seismic Performance and Application Prospect of Isolated Buildings

This paper firstly expounds the development of isolation theory and then carries out the finite element analysis of the isolated structure and non - isolation structure.

Sep 26
Application of Seismic Isolation Technology in Bridge Structure Design

In this study, the application of seismic isolation not only improves seismic performance, but ensures that the overall structure of bridge in the serious disasters is still good.

Sep 26
Study on Construction Method for Buttress and Related Embedded Parts Below Isolation Bearings

This paper adopts different pouring methods to test the buttress under isolation bearings. The testing result is meaningful for the similar project.