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Elastomeric Bearing with Outer Steel Plates

An elastomeric bearing with two outer steel plates and eight pins for easy installation.
Elastomeric bearing with outer steel plates

Elastomeric bearing with steel plates is also a type of reinforced bridge bearing with external steel plates vulcanized directly onto the surface of the bearing to provide specialized mounting and anchoring systems. They can be fixed to the structure by various mechanical methods to reduce the risk of slippage. For example, shaping or drilling holes for anchor bars or utilizing steel plates with pins is the most common way of fastening.

Normally, they are ideal for in situ cast concrete structure, metal structures as well as anti-lift devices. The elastomeric bearing with steel plates is capable to absorb daily movements. Meanwhile, it allows for horizontal sliding movements to accommodate those shear or less frequent movements.

In addition, all steel components exposed to the air are protected against corrosion and rust in accordance with your local environments as your requirements.


An elastomeric bearing with two outer steel plates and two holes.


EBSP-A features two external plates and two threaded holes for plain anchor bars which make it easy to be fastened to concrete or metal structures. They are considered to be a preferred choice for in situ concrete structures or acting as anti-life device.

An elastomeric bearing with two outer steel plates and two pins.


EBSP-B elastomeric bearing also has external steel plates similar to EBSP-A, while it has pins connected to steel plates to secure the bearing to the structure.

An elastomeric bearing with two outer etched steel plates.


Etched external plates in conjunction with glues effectively enhance the adhesive ability of bearing to the structure.

An elastomeric bearing with two outer steel plates and a center guide.


EBSP-D bearing is a type of sliding bearing with steel guides. They are ideal for bridges or structures with significant horizontal displacements, especially those on the abutments.

An elastomeric bearing with two outer steel plates for sliding in longitudinal or transversal direction.


EBSP-E bearing can be fitted as a fixed bearing which can slide in longitudinal or transversal direction taking advantage of a layer of PTFE to reduce friction coefficient with stainless steel welded to the top steel plate. They are ideal for structures where a large range of movements is required.

An free-sliding elastomeric bearing.


This type of elastomeric bearing is a totally free sliding product along with low friction coefficient between a layer of PTFE and a stainless steel panel.

As your request, circular elastomeric bearings with outer steel plates also can be supplied as your specific requirements. Please enclose the materials, standards, sizes as well as plan drawings for customer orders.

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