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Laminated Elastomeric Bearing

Laminated elastomeric bearings with reinforced steel plates have higher longitudinal and compression strength and allow for rotations in any axis.

PTFE Top Elastomeric Bearing

PTFE top elastomeric bearings utilize sliding surface and lubricant to reduce sliding resistance and it is suitable for bridges with large spans, etc.

Lead Rubber Bearing

Lead rubber bearings feature central lead plug, are widest used for building or bridges to proof earthquake and avoid deformation and damage to the building.

High Damping Rubber Bearing

High damping rubber bearing, made of quality rubber with damping ability and laminated layers of steel, is used as a seismic isolator of building or bridges.

Pot Bearing

Pot bearing with PTFE transfers load from superstructure to bridge pier and available in free sliding, fixed type, edge guided and center guided types.

Plain Elastomeric Bearing

Plain elastomeric bearings without any reinforced steel plates are economical choices for supporting bridges and buildings with lighter bearing loads.

Elastomeric Bearing With Steel Plates

Elastomeric bearing with outer steel plates is a type of reinforced bearing designed for in situ concrete structure, metal structures or anti-lift device, etc.

Spherical Bridge Bearing

Spherical bridge bearing with convex and concave steel plates is capable to accommodate large rotations, displacements, horizontal or vertical loads.