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Elastomeric bearings with PTFE sliding sheet

PTFE top elastomeric bearing, as its name implies, has a layer of virgin dimpled PTFE bonded to the laminated elastomeric bearing to reduce the sliding resistance and improve the structure’s displacements capacity.


A black laminated elastomeric bearing with white PTFE top surface to reduce friction coefficient.
PTFE top elastomeric bearing
  • Allow movements bigger than shear capability in plain surface.
  • PTFE sliding surface with lubricants to reduce the friction coefficient.
  • With dimples on PTFE for contain lubricant to ease the sliding movements.
  • Excellent buffering and shock isolation.
  • Withstand vertical load and suit to rotations of beam ends.
  • In accordance with European standard EN 1337-2 or other international standards.
  • Available in various shapes such as rectangular or round.


  • Bridges with large spans, continuous spans, simply supported beam, continuous plate structures or large displacements.
  • Support structures requiring less vertical but more horizontal weight.


  • Materials: neoprene, natural rubber or SBR with PTFE top surface.
  • Standard: BS EN 1337-2
  • Thickness of PTFE: 1.5 mm to 3 mm or others as your request.
  • Thickness: 1/8” to 30” or custom thickness.
  • Width: 36” to 48” or custom widths.
  • Shapes: rectangular or round.
Two square PTFE elastomeric bearings
Square PTFE top elastomeric bearings
Two round PTFE elastomeric bearings
Round PTFE top elastomeric bearings

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