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Spherical Bridge Bearing Accommodates Large Rotations

Spherical bridge bearings, composed of precision-machined steel plates with spherical concave and convex surfaces, provide flexible movements and rotations between the superstructure and supporting structures to transfer whether horizontal or vertical force safely.


A diagram of a guided spherical bridge bearing
Spherical bridge bearing - guided type
  • Allows for large displacement.
  • Accommodate larger rotations than pot bearing in excess of +/- 0.03 radians.
  • Unlimited movement capability in any directions.
  • Excellent self-alignment capability.
  • Minimum sliding friction coefficient.
  • Dimpled PTFE disc is fitted in 1/2 depth of the concave steel plate for higher load bearing capacity.
  • PTEF disc with cavities for containing lubricant to reduce sliding friction.
  • Complying with BS EN-1337, KS4424, AASHO, ISO or other custom standards.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low cost maintenance.


  • Ideal for structures with bearings of larges turning angles.
  • Bridges with big torsions.
  • Bridges in low temperatures lower than -30℃.
  • Wide and curved bridges.


Similar to pot bearing, spherical bridge bearings are available in fixed type, guided type and free sliding types as shown in the following pictures:

A yellow fixed spherical bridge bearing
Fixed spherical bridge bearing
A yellow guided spherical bridge bearing
Guided spherical bridge bearing
A yellow free sliding spherical bridge bearing
Free sliding spherical bridge bearing
  • Fixed type bearing only allows for rotations, any longitudinal or transversal movement is restrained.
  • Guided type has edge steel guide to accommodate unidirectional movements.
  • Free sliding type bearing can slid in all directions.

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